Experience REAL-WORLD scenarios to prepare for the unexpected.

We are Outriders.

During the cattle drives of the old west a special breed of man was born. He had a CODE he lived by that was tough but fair. This code was not written down but rather etched on the heart of the OUTRIDER.

Outriders have a special responsibility within the trail drive, and few have what it takes to survive and thrive in that environment. Outriders kept the herd moving in the right direction and provided safe travel. They looked for those that had strayed and helped guide them back. They protected the herd, and calves birthed during the drive from predators and thieves. Being an Outrider is a risky business, but we accept the job because it’s who we are.     

We believe that the heritage and legacy of our early frontiersman and Founding Fathers lives on in the hearts of Americans everywhere. We believe that self-defense is a God-given, natural right; inalienable and absolute. We also know that with that natural right comes great responsibility and discipline.

Outriders Firearms Training – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Firearms Training is a Lifestyle.

If you have chosen to be a responsible handgun license holder and plan to carry on a daily basis to protect yourself, your loved ones and other innocent life, training should be at the top of your list.

Your training plan and attitude can not be, “one-and-done”. Training and practice should become a lifestyle for you and your entire family. Not everyone needs to tote iron but everyone needs to know how to react during dynamic situations so the Outrider can do his job. When evil presents itself, most will not rise to the occasion; many will more than likely fall to their level of training.


 We believe that scenario based training and injecting you into “use-of-force” situations can better prepare you for the reality of self defense with a firearm. We are able to provide training solutions that better prepare you for those real life encounters. Our indoor and outdoor shooting arenas provide a safe place to train and practice for a number of common and some not so common situations that you might find yourself in requiring defense with a firearm.