For the most part we have fallen into the normalcy bias trap. We say to ourselves, “that will never happen here” or “that’s never happened to anyone I know” and other phrases of dismissal. Maybe because we just don’t want to think of bad things happening to us or the ones we love, or even worse we truly believe we are immune.

            In 2014 the US averaged 700 abductions, 8000 home invasions and 40 murders per day. Every man,woman and child should take this class in how to escape from illegal detention or abduction. Having a little knowledge will go a long way. Hide or run if you can but be ready to FIGHT!


  • Escape from illegal restraints
  • Lock picking
  • Useful Tools
  • How to Lose a Tail
  • Car Escapes
  • and more

This training will focus on semi-auto handgun training from a outside the waist band holster. Future classes expand on firearm selection, concealment, & placement options.