In this class we start introduce movement and lay the foundation for tactics. We are still working on developing new and stronger neural pathways, so speed is not the focus. We believe speed is performing the common, uncommonly well and will reveal itself in due time.

This class forces you to focus on your deficiencies and start healing old training scars you may have previously developed.

Be prepared to move at a slow but steady pace with this class. We don’t believe in moving you along just to stay on time. Each student will show a satisfactory level of proficiency and confidence before moving forward.

This training will focus on semi-auto handgun training from a outside the waist band holster. Future classes expand on firearm selection, concealment, & placement options.

  • Module 1

    Brief discussion on situational awareness

    Safety rules

    Transitions / multiple targets

    Decision making

  • Module 2


    Confined Space to Include Bystanders

    Angles and Backstops

    Use of Cover and Concealment

  • Module 3

    Practical use of skills, putting it all together.

    Scenario training

    Test out

    Homework: Dry-Fire Drills