This class is offered as one 8-10 hour class on designated weekends. Some feel that this class is like drinking from a fire hose or they are unable to commit to a full day, so we offer this class in easy to digest 3 hour modules on weeknights. Modules are a great way to take in a block of instruction and go home and practice before moving to the next module. This also allows you to gather your thoughts and ask specific questions at the next class. You must complete all modules in the correct order to achieve completion of this prerequisite before moving into additional classes. Your class history will be logged in-house.

This class forces you to focus on your deficiencies and start healing old training scars you may have previously developed.

Be prepared to move at a slow but steady pace with this class. We don’t believe in moving you along just to stay on time. Each student will show a satisfactory level of proficiency and confidence before moving forward.

This training will focus on semi-auto handgun training from a outside the waist band holster. Future classes expand on firearm selection, concealment, & placement options.

  • Module 1

    Brief discussion on situational awareness

    Safety rules

    Understanding how the eyes work, finding your dominant eye and shooting with both eyes open

    Site alignment and site picture, front site focus vs. target focus

    Grip, draw, presentation and follow through after a shot

    Homework, dry fire drills

  • Module 2

    Tactical and emergency reloads

    Malfunction clearing

    Concealment and cover

    Shooting and moving

    Homework, dry fire drills

  • Module 3

    Dynamic shooting positions

    Shooting with both strong and support hands

    Intro to scenario based training

    Test out, smoke check

    Homework, dry fire drills